Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paul Staines' GuF: Lucky Drink Driver Hypocriticises

Apparently the injuries sustained by Baby P at the hands of two brutal fascist men - possibly under the influence of drink and drugs - in Haringey were similar to those expected from a fatal car crash.

Nonetheless a serial drink criminal, bankrupt and drunk drive convict, currently under curfew and lucky to escape a custodial as he refused to accept treatment for his serious, admitted drink problem has been pontificating all day.

GuF claims once again that Gordon Brown is emotionally retarded. He himself - Paul Staines in real life - is so very emotionally advanced and so selfish that he has frequently climbed into a car when drunk etc and driven it so badly that on occasion he has drawn attention to his condition.

GuF is very lucky not to have killed a child or children himself in one of these episodes. And if he had done so, according to experts, the result would be very similar to being kicked and punched and throttled for weeks and months by fascist thugs.

QUESTION ONE: Can anyone remind me in what subject(s) Fawkes is himself qualified? Apart from hypocrisy and cant? Is it clinical psychology? Like that Bunny Boiling charlatan who last worked this meme?

QUESTION TWO: Was Gordon Brown right to slap Cameron for partisanship? And either way was Cameron right to drag it out? We'll see how coverage has settled down by evening news and tomorrow's papers ... but in the meantime what does the panel think?

Tale of Two PMQs Pundits: Dale's Knickers in Twist - 9-2 to Cameron - Peter Hoskin Kicks Off Shoes - Cameron edged, tough to call a ruck.

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