Monday, November 10, 2008

Hate Criminal: Send Nick Griffin No You Can't Message

Here's the new Facebook Group. Here's the Strop the Hate Dayschool:

Host: Keep Nazi Nick out of the North West
Type: Causes - Rally
Network: Global

Time and Place

: Saturday, November 29, 2008
Time: 10:30am - 4:00pm
Location: Unison, Arena Point
Street: 1 Hunts Bank
City/Town: Manchester, United Kingdom

FOOTNOTE: the comments on this one are a bit of a non-sequitor as I've managed to over write my first John leech PMQs debacle post. To which they refer ... recovery attempts continue.


Anonymous said...

This should be required viewing for all Manchester Withington constituents. The man is a laughing stock. He still hasn't grown into his suit. He thinks he's a man but he's only a boy. Pathetic attempt to fudge the transport referendum. Carried out in a useless way. It is obvious why Leech will not face Powell in debate. He is frit.

Anonymous said...

He supports trade union rights though.
Unlike left-when-it-suits them Lloyd and Stringer.

Anonymous said...

Trade union rights?? Such as abolishing final salary pension schemes in the public sector? Give me Lloyd et al any day.

Chris Paul said...

John Leech supports Trade Union rights? What Trade Unions has he been a member of during his working life? What is his party's attitude to Trade Unions and Trade Union rights? remind me how many of them voted for NMW?

John Leech is a useless parliamentarian - see video - an idiot, see attempt to fudge issue, and a big hoaxer.

He will not even take part in a debate in his own constituency on a matter on which he has churned 1000s of dissembling words.

Which is because he is frightened of being found out as a lightweight, mumbling, incoherent chancer. And next time I promise I'll get off the fence.