Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rochdale Two Minutes Silence: Ding Dong, Round Three

There is now more. Rochdale Online's page has been updated in the last few minutes with the following Lib Dem propaganda diarrhoea:

Mr Power has responded by claiming that he acted in good faith.

"I contacted Tony Lloyd's office and spoke to his press officer Mr George Butterworth who claimed that he knew nothing about Mr Lloyd's comments on this matter", he said. "I contacted Rochdale Online and informed them that Mr Lloyd's office knew nothing about the comments he had supposedly made and they took the decision to withdraw his statement."

Mr Power wished to point out that he did not work for Mr Rowen's office, as suggested by Mr Danczuk.

So there we have it. Adam Power had phoned Rochdale Online claiming to be an "old friend" of Tony's and then wrongly asserted that Tony was, in fact, about to sue Rochdale Labour Party for attributing quotes to him that he hadn't authorised.

He now claims that this was "acting in good faith" and that he doesn't work in Paul Rowen's office when he is regularly seen skipping to the nearby Rochdale train station hand in hand with Mr Hennnigan. And when Rochdale Lib Dems' accounts don't show any other means of support for Mr Power's activities. In fact they say that Mr Rowen has taken over payments for one-and-a-half political Workers that were previouslty paid by the party. the party would appear to have no notifiable donations in for three-and-a-half years. So who is paying the Power?

A source close to Rochdale Labour Party who asked not to be named has summed up Adam Power thusly to Labour of Love: "The cheeky, bullshitting little twat."


Cillit Bang said...

"Mr Power wished to point out that he did not work for Mr Rowen's office..."

Lets take a peek at Adam's MySpace page shall we:

"Adam (without the Ants)
The Greeks invented gayness dont you know!

23 years old
United Kingdom"

"Who I'd like to meet:

...The Krankies, Jimmy Cricket (although I have met his son)..."

"Adam (without the Ants)'s Details
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Irlam - Salford
Occupation: Student/Intern for an MP
Income: Less than £30,000"

Are these claims correct???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Repeat posted by CP, but edited from 17:20:

If he carries on like this then this less than £30,000 intern for an MP with a (...) Krankies fixation could end up getting the Golden Boot from Cllr Cricket's Rochdale Fib Dem Mob.

11th Commandment- do not get caught.

Ask Cyril.