Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sir Squirrel Smith Facebook: Doubles Overnight

We reported recently how person or persons unknown, with just the right amount of time on their idle hands have launched a new blog, by t'name of RAW - Rochdale Alternative Website - in homage to RAP - Rochdale Alternative Paper.

And LOL have helped launch a new Facebook Group calling for Sir Cyril to be demoted in disgrace to plain old Cyril. This now has more than 20 members and is growing at a rate of 100% per 24 hours.

Above, ne'er do well local gang leader Sir Cyril Smith MBE, models the new Rochdale Lib Dem party tabard that could in future help people see him and them coming. Even the low level criminal Hennigan will be issued with one. Hurrah!

EARLY DAY MOTION: If I were a betting man I'd put some swag on an EDM backing our facebook campaign to be tabled in the next fortnight.


Rochdale Observer observer said...

"Personally, the title Sir means nothing to me, although it can open a few doors particularly with the media"

Sir Cyril Smith to the Rochdale Observer 16th July 2004

Rochdale Observer observer said...

"I say what I think. If you tell lies you need to have a good memory."

Sir Cyril Smith to the Rochdale Observer 20th June 2003.

Funny how he got caught out over his Turner & Newall shares thanks to someone spotting an old Rochdale Observer clipping from 1982...

He told the Ob in 2008 that he bought the "minimum amount" of shares to attend the AGM.


In 1982 was he joining in solidarity with stockbroker (such as the family of David Trippier?)saying that the drop in price of T&N shares was "without rhyme or reason so he instructed his "bankers" to buy some.

"I say what I think. If you tell lies you need to have a good memory."


Rochdale Observer observer said...

A tory troika?

Cyril to head 'no' campaign against regional assembly

Rochdale Observer, 16th January 2004:

"SIR Cyril Smith has flexed his political muscle to oppose a North West Regional Assembly.

The former Rochdale MP is one of three vice-chairmen of a campaign to push the 'No' vote in the referendum in the autumn. It's being led by Sir David Trippier, the former Tory minister and Rochdale councillor. Cross party support is symbolised by the other vice-chairmen, Labour's George Howarth, MP for Knowsley North and Sefton East, and Tory MP for Tatton, George Osborne".

T&N shareholder Cyril Smith.

Local Stockbroker stock David Trippier.

Georgeous George Osborne.

The north's own little Bully-don Club?

Rochdale Observer observer said...

Cyril admits to getting a spanking and it doing him no harm:

Spotland School as a nipper.

Rochdale Observer 18th October 2006

Then memories as the Mayor:

"In 1966 I visited every school as mayor. I recall St Mary's (two schools it was) Balderstone C of E.

I invited all the children in reception to come and touch the mayor's gold chain"

rochdale observer observer said...

"Dream did come true for town's proud son" 27th September 2006.

Yet more fawning Rochdale Observer propaganda promoting the Cyril Smith cult of personality.

Then again, there are a few nuggets that suggest a trail to follow...

"Straightaway he took a place on the education committee which he was to keep for the next 23 years"...

"By 1954 Cyril was chairman of the establishment committee and the youth advisory committee and the following year also took on the chairmanship of the youth employment committee"...

"Thanks to his keen interest in and leadership of activities for the young Rochdale gained the reputation for having a model youth service"...

"He also served on the finance, planning, children's welfare...and development committees"...

"...Cyril became chairman of the newly-formed estates committee.

There he was one of the driving forces behind Rochdale's house-building and slum clearance programme"...

"The year of 1966 proved to be a momentous one in Cyril's council career. He was appointed chairman of the education committee then elected as an alderman"...

"As he took the chains of office at what was the first mayor-making to be held in the evening he said during his civic year he wanted to see the borough continue to grow.

He continued: "Our greatest need is to increase our working population. To do this we need good houses and more of them"...

"We want a first class town centre where modern planning is evident but where modern planning takes account of and retains that which is good."

Child welfare, education, town planning, development.

What went so wrong?

rochdale observer observer said...

No mention of Cyril Smith just happening to have his newspaper shop business compulsory purchased for this 1960's Rochdale town centre redevelopment:

Chris Paul said...

Very intersting, very very interesting ...

Wally Range said...

Here's a phrase I never thought I' use. Hazel Blears was right!

Chris Paul said...


Wally Range said...

"Corrosive cynicism, fuelled by politically nihilistic blogs and a retreat from dispassionate reporting, is endangering British political discourse"

Chris Paul said...

She's wrong of course. Right about Guido's wilder excursions. But wrong even about the GuFster in general. And this blog is certainly not in any sense nihilistic. Unlike some of our commenters. But hey ho. Fairly free speech is maintained here. So it goes with the territory when anonymous muppets come calling.

Guido's apparently been caught at that himself recently. Did you know?

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Do you ever post anonymously on your own blog, Chris?

Anonymous said...

Of course he does Everybody Hates Chris.

He has conversations with himself and then believes they are real the nutty TWAT!

Chris Paul said...

Obviously EHC I am myself responsible for your whole muppety ouevre. Just as Guido writes 95% of the comments on his own blog. We're all at it. As you know. Because you are me.

As for you Dave Hennigan (anon 19:48) you have been officially barred from posting crap like this so please do what you're told.

Or else you'll be barred like my other alter ego, that's EHC in case you're not following.

Seriously EHC. You are barred for being a berk and this is not helping you claw back any Brownie points to be honest. But are you perhaps thinking that I script "wally range" or "rochdale observer observer", is that it?

Back to reality ... I have a blog in my own name. I comment on it in my own name. And I comment on other people's blogs in my real name. I also go to meetings and speak in my own name. Send stories to papers in my own name. Send letters to papers in my own name. Though not for a while. And I'm generally happy enough with my own skin to occupy it fully 24/7.

You should try it sometime.

Guido however has been caught at it - auto sock puppeting - big style. As has The Standard's star Ken basher Gilligan. And Del might as well have been. Try "Tory Troll" for the stories.

Have I ever commented anonymously? Yes. In fact I did it on Guido's blog today to advertise mt Dorries story. 'Cos I'm banned, though for no good reason; I've even rescued his (Guido's) career from accusations of being a fascist. But he monitors IP addresses and will remove the post if it suits him to do so. Depends what he thinks of Dorries secretly employing her own daughter, post-Conway.

Get your own blog is my advice. Preferably in your own name. Invite me to the christening or naming or whatever it is you trolls have.

Right. End of. Further comments from EHC may well be deleted on site. I have humoured you long enough.

Wally Range said...

A complete non-denial there. I would also like an answer to the question of whether you have ever posted anonymously on you own blog (or anybody else's that you are not barred from).

Chris Paul said...

So let's get this right. EHC and WR are in fact a double act? One and the same? Anonymous trolls indulging in mutual masturbation on my blog?

And the "pair" anonymous buggers wish to insist that I must without fail give straight answers your daft questions? Even though EHC still hasn't done their homework? Is that it?

Well, excuse me, but you can GTF and "both" of you may well be deleted on sight at my sole discretion.

The word Troll(n) has bifurcated. It has come to have a duality these days anyway. From the ugly, lunking giant on the one hand to the mischievious though supposedly friendly dwarf on the other.

So which is which? And where does that other troll Rob Adlard fit into things? Menage a trois?

Wally Range said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Everybody Hates Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

If Wally Range emails me at the usual address I'll put "the two" of you in touch. You can get a room or your own blog(s). Enough of your muppetry.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

I'll take that as a 'yes' then, Chris. You do post anonymously on your own blog. Exactly the crime you are accusing others of. And then you have the temerity to remove posts that point out your snide and hypocritical game.


Anonymous said...

You mate are witless as well as gutless. No more no more. My answer so far is neither yes nor no.

But you are making an extreme category error is you think that the limited cases in which many bloggers' principles would allow them to ginger things up or otherwise contibute occasionally would be the same as :

1. Gutless, witless trolling, often off topic, usually negative and miserable, indefensible; often including defamation, vague allusion, childishness and bile.

2. Systematic participation in anonymous or associate posting to either attack others - as Dale's "sock puppets" have been known, including his bloody obvious auto sock puppet outings - or pretending you are an esteemed third party defending yourself.

This of course being the practice of Guido Fawkes and of Andrew Gilligan. As shown by Tory Troll.

As a publisher as well as the main writer of this blog I have some kind of legal responsibility for what appears under comments. Your kind of persistent witless, gutless participation on a relatively low comment blog is neither welcome nor easy to police.

It is like twats persistently shouting out in class; like twats talking across the film you're watching; like twats in general spoiling things for others.

You are a twat in general.

I have no idea which posts you may think I have written. The likelihood of your being wrong is, shall we say, EXTREMELY HIGH.

In the same category as your appraisal of that cunning little sub post master's photoshop skills.

Look, still no answer. Please leave it there. Please go away. Please get your own blog. Or go to the back of a classroom somewhere and shout out like a spoilt child. See where that gets you.

I'm fed up with removing your twatty posts.

Enough already. Fuck off. No more. Get your own blog.

PS This is Chris Paul writing. Could you tell? Twat.

Everybody Hates Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

You're as bad as Dale. Send me your interesting bloody list and your rationale by email. Because you are barred and ought to have a bit more respect. And tomorrow perhaps we'll give you a leaving do on the face of the blog. You tedious arse. Good riddance.