Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Strip Sir Cyril: Served Up On Toast By Mirror

I didn't fully appreciate Sir Cyril Smith's unpopularity until criticising his dishonourable cosiness with the asbestos industry here last week.

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn is to table a Commons motion to strip the heavyweight ex-Lib Dem MP of his knighthood. And a Facebook group has been set up to call for him to revert to Mr Smith.

I can think of 4,000 reasons - the number who die every year from asbestos - why he shouldn't be Sir Cyril.

"They think they've got Cyril Smith on toast," complained Mr Smith. He's 20 stone so that's a lot of bread. (Kevin Maguire, Today 12 Nov 2008)


Heinz said...

Has-been on toast?

But Cyril is still so influential in Rochdale. A Godfather no less.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. Dale Mulgrew's godfather. Paul Rowen's inspiration. Hennigan's choirmaster? Power's mystery employer perhaps?