Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tory Hospital Scandal: Osborne "Spare" Defrocked?

George GOO Osborne's little brother has it seems been a very naughty boy. Apparently prescribing painkillers to his mates. Amanda Crook at the Manchester Evening News has the story. They say it's not criminal ... you decide.


Anonymous said...

Given that PragueTory's website 'outed' GOO as a hardcore substance abuser you have to wonder who was helping who out.

Chris Paul said...

Sadly this naughty drug dealer and spare to Goo's heir - prescribing painkillers/ tranquillizers in effect for social or mood-altering rather than clinical reasons, and he was a hospital doctor in psychiatry and not a GP - will not be drowning his sorrows in Chorlton.

He has run off to his mum's in Chelsea. I'm not sure why what he's done is not in any way criminal as they're saying.

Not crime of the century ... but. He and his friends are in effect conspiring to produce and use unnecessary NHS prescriptions to obtain costly drugs cheaply or free in some cases.

Depending on the drugs involved this could be quite a drain on public funds. Clearly this is permanantly depriving the NHS of the goods/money. Which is theft.

And some/all of the drugs would probably be toxic in OD and so on.

But anyway the over-priveleged greedy party person is not in Chorlton just now.

Chris Paul said...

Priveleged? sorry. Privileged. Over-Privileged.