Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All Along the Watchtower: Jehovvies Use Shaggy Dog as Prop

Why Are We Here? Seriously, two old Cheshire ladies with a shaggy golden retriever arrive on the LOL doorstep. Beautifully behaved, and the dog ain't bad. Makes a change from the 19-year-old "Elders" the Mormons send out. Didn't even have to whisper "lapsed Roman Catholic" to see them on their way. My dogs, waiting in the car for an outing to Mossley, seemed rather taken by the dog whistle messagery.

Interesting "Watchtower" cover from the jolly Isn't Life Terrible blog. Did you know that Ken Richman who banged the gong for Rank was a witness? Learn something new every day.

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