Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BREAKING: Sonassi Media Services Deny Everything


1. A video appeared on YouTube under the "Sonassi" account this was tagged "Trafford Centre", "Comedy", "Sonassi" inter alia and this was pushed out to various sites, many of them archived by LOL;
2. When criticised for the disgusting narrative a person believed to be Dave Carlson using the pen name "Sonassi" and identified as a co-producer made several comments at YouTube about this being a comedy, sarcasm, lighten up, and explaining that an actually non-chargeable journey from Irlam to pick up a young woman fleeing an as it turned out violent assailant was the gist of the "comedy";
3. Dave Carlson who was and presumably still is one of two core workers at "Sonassi Media Services" sent three emails to LOL with various revelations therein. Just one of these has been published;
4. These included his assertion that "Sonassi Media Services" was nothing to do with the video despite his own involvement as half of the "Sonassi Media Services" team, despite his use of the "Sonassi" tag for his own memorably silly comments, despite the hosting of the video in "Sonassi" YouTube space, despite its reference to the "Sonassi Media Services" hosted "FreeManchester.co.uk" website, despite his personal membership of both the "Sonassi Media Services" and "Free Manchester Partnership" teams, despite his assertion in writing that "Sonassi Media Services" had been recruited to the Greater Manchester Momentum Group (an anti-progress partnership) as a result of the meeting at the Trafford Centre at which the concept for the video was discussed, agreed and facility use granted, despite the decision of GMMG and/or Trafford Centre to demand the "comedy" video in the "Sonassi" account, with the "Sonassi" commentator, with the "Sonassi" hosted site the main referrer, with the "Sonassi" linked co-producer Dave Carlson, should be removed. And of course despite "Sonassi Media Services" chucked out of the out-of-town curmudgeons posse;

[Pause for breath]

5. The FreeManchester.co.uk website - hosted by "Sonassi Media Services" before and after the troubles - was a puff site for the NO campaign, mostly repeating the material of the GMMG and stopthecharge factions in the curmudgeonly cabal, linking to both official websites, linking to that Rape 101 video which "Sonassi" hosted and "Sonassi" aka Dave Carlson co-produced and defended;
6. Ahead of the trouble this included a poster page with three "Vote NO" posters. These used typical neo-Nazi references viz Robert Mugabe,the Great Leader of North Korea, and Gay Beefcake. All apparently voting YES. All encouraging the Free Manchester Partnership reader to vote NO. All accompanied by prominent credits for "Sonassi Media Services";
7. After the re-design only the gay poster boy survived on this "Sonassi Media Services" hosted site;
8. After the re-design links to GMMG and stopthecharge were removed. However there was no declaration of "no link" with these. Instead there was a declaration of no link with Trafford Centre and with Peel Holdings;
9. "Sonassi Media Services" remained the proud hosts of the site;
10. More than this emails from Dave Carlson of "Sonassi Media Services" dealing with criticism of the web coding appeared to take credit for that for "Sonassi".


<< Sonassi Media Services has played no part whatsoever in this campaign
that CP is so intent on blaming us for.

We only feel deep regret and upset that a grown adult must continue his
mud-slinging towards our company.

To clarify all points, a press release has been drafted.


Presumably "CP" is Chris Paul, and they, "Sonassi Media Services", believe I am both an adult and engaged in mud-slinging.

They might be wrong. They say they "played no part whatsoever" in this campaign. You decide. And do read their frankly defamatory and stupid Press Release too.

To be frank Sonassi Media Services and Dave Carlson are minor players in this drama. Culpable, yes. But significantly so, no. But it beats me why they are choosing to draw attention to this matter on their commercial site.

It will surely be Peel Holdings and the Trafford Centre whose reputation has taken the greatest beating. Win or lose, they lose.

UPDATE Tues 08:53: We forgot. Everywhere the video cropped up, as well as being tagged "Trafford Centre" and "Comedy" it was tagged "Sonassi". I really would suggest that Sonassi Media Services may have an argument with someone over this PR debacle. But don't shoot the messenger.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris... just checked out the Sonassi statement which is frankly absurd. The bit that did tickle me though was the fact they can't spell 'proffesional'!!! Ha ha ha... they had a tough time with "liabelous" too... bless... Will they ever work in this town again???

Chris Paul said...

Maybe "Liabelous" is different? Meaning say "spot on"?

Sonassi Media Services said...

I must say, resisting the urge to stoop to your level is difficult.

Sonassi Media Services has played no part in this affair, other than that of providing hosting.

However, all points raised have been answered in our press release.

Anonymous said...

It is a concern that you seem hell-bent on ruining the name of this company.

One would think that a grown man (please note, I use that term loosely), would surely have better things to do. However, this is not so.

The pathetic nature of this tyrannical hate campaign needs to come to an end. No one is impressed by your behaviour or dogged pursuit of this small business. There are maybe more important things happening in the world than a youtube video, but obviously this is dependant where your focus, or to be frank intelligence lies. Clearly, you do not have the capacity to get over yourself, so perhaps you have not noticed. Perhaps your time would be better spent familiarising yourself with current affairs, than surfing the net.

Not really the shiniest penny in the pound are you?

Maybe your time would be more effectively spent getting involved with school bullying programmes. This could prevent people like you continuing their hateful vehemence against the world.