Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dr Rupa Huq: On Nightly Quest for Bulgarian Turbo Grail

Above is the YouTube code and embedded video that was supposed to be on the Apple Macintosh clipboard.

But this is what was actually there:

"wot would happen if you buttered some bread and then tied it buttered side up onto a cats back"

Which presumably once belonged to a 13-year-old boy's Messenger conversation? So it could have been a lot worse, I'm guessing*.

The above is however the Bulgarian Turbo Folk that Dr Rupa Huq pretended half-heartedly to seek.

So very disowned by their cultural authorities. And so very very loved of the CIA and Joe Boyd. One of life's little mysteries.

* Like 16-year-old's mate ringing for her and being told by 13-year-old that "she's slept over at X's house".

Which being as mate was X may be just a little problematic.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for being slow at comment moderatoin recently. I see that you didn't manage to seek outa Bulgarian Turbo nite to see in the new year though...