Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Iain Dale: Thinks Martin's Statement Poses More Questions For All

Missed Michael Martin making his statement. Fortunately man about Westminster and the Labour Party's Absolute Favourite Tory Blogger Iain Dale was watching and overcomes his crippling shyness to give his view.


1. Could not JP and MM and the Clerk all be excused the omission of not asking for sight of warrant? Who would expect police to pull such a stunt without one?

2. Would they have had any trouble getting one?

3. Could they have sequestered the "crime scene" without one, until they got one?

4. Did they hold off arresting DG until they had control of his stuff?

5. Is guff about constituent confidentiality just guff? Seems to me that police are always rooting through people's confidential stuff. All the time. Presumably they are trusted to keep their mouths shut?

6. In the absence of warrant who is it that controls or should control access and search to rooms in parliamentary estate?


Everybody Hates Chris said...

"I was not told that the police did not have a warrant," says our eminent Speaker.

Was he told that they had? Did he even think to ask? Was he bovvered?

"I did not personally authorise the search", he continued.

Well, that's one view, because he might as well have done.

But having just seen Newsnight, I don't think it is one shared by the Leader of the House.

Mandy and BIFFO Woolas might be regreting their rash and self-interested accusations.

Anonymous said...

You have been sat there for far to long. In the name of God go, and go now.

bencilltory said...

old Harriet is doing well for herself.Putting some clear red water between herself and Good Gord.She could be Nulabours next leader.wonder if she will be subject to some scandal being leaked to the press

Anonymous said...

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