Friday, December 19, 2008

Jag Singh: Say It Ain't True, Leaks Meet to Mr GuF

Jag Singh, ex-Labour Home, current Message Space guru appears to have given his mate Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF an early Christmas present. Clearly Derek Draper doesn't realise that some of the more powerful and useful elements of the Labour blogosphere exist beyond the M25.

UPDATE Sat 11:24: Jag Singh says it ain't true in no uncertain terms. Which is cool. And all we ever wanted.


Derek Draper said...

i do actually, and i asked all the people i invited to suggest more names and invited every one who was suggested. i should have made more of an effort to invite non-london people, and i will for the next breakfast (which we also be webcasting)...

Chris Paul said...

[miffed]Clearly you cannot be the real Derek Draper as I emailed you my contact details as requested after we met at conference, for this very purpose ...[/miffed]

Derek Draper said...

i have just checked and indeed you did. i am afraid that you should ahve then been added to our list and you don't seem to have been. you have been now! apologies. all i can say is that we are doing a lot of organiisng with not enough resources (yet) so we are not perfect!

It is the real me - you mentioned rochdale in your e-mail

Jag Singh said...

Not cool, Chris.

I did NOT leak the story to Guido.

You ought to name your sources when it comes to publishing stories like these (ones that can ruin a young man's reputation, at least).

You're famous for shooting your mouth off and acting like the village idiot, which is why I'd never want to have you on my team.

Will said...

Wow, the real Derek Draper doesn't know that the beginnings of sentences and the word "I" should always be capitalised?

That might explain why Labour blogs are less successful. Or Derek has a broken Caps Lock. Or he's just dumb and hasn't got Microsoft spell checker to check these things for him. Or perhaps it some anti-capitalist conspiracy, haha.

Chris Paul said...

Wow Jag. That's an over-reaction and a half. Calm down. Your denial - which is all we ever wanted - is accepted and noted on the face of the blog.

It's pretty rich for you to talk of me shooting my mouth off and not wanting me on your team when your associates and team mates ARE Guido and ARE Recess Monkey.

Chris Paul said...

PS Yes, thanks Derek, Rochdale is the correct safe word.

Tim said...

"You're famous for shooting your mouth off"

I'd argue that you have a runaway mouth yourself at times, Jag. I'll do you the small favour of not listing examples, but this is just one of the reasons why I have have very little faith in your needlessly abusive* denial.

(*Paul Staines in bad influence shock.)

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Tim

BTW Can hothead Jag Singh, unlike your good self Tim as the soul of discretion and best practice, provide any examples at all of me famously "shooting (my) mouth off"?

Or will he withdraw his dratted libel - damaging my saintly reputation as a saintly example of staying on the side of the saintly angels - and make that immediately?

Best w

Chris P