Saturday, December 13, 2008

John Leech MP: Splits Trousers on Mimicsterial Visit

Many thanks to Iain Dale's restless organ Total Politics for bringing LOL this unintentionally revealing, almost side splitting Q and A with Shameless John Leech MP.

In brief(s):

Shameless Lord Paddy Pantsdown is his hero, Shameless Cllr Norman Pantsdown is his local hero/best friend in politics, and he says that splitting his kecks on a school visit - rather than the more obvious Shameless Hoaxing of the Electorate on Christie Hospital Closure - is his most embarrassing Pantsdown moment in what passes for politics round his way.

And apparently John expected Tolkein's deliberately unpublished hobbity tosh The Silmarillion would be any good. Doh! And twice doh!

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