Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucy Powell Vote YES Video: Now 139,000 Views


Iain Lindley said...

Yes, Chris, it is all over the Labour blogosphere, being viewed repeatedly by people who either do not have a vote or who have already made their mind up and voted.

The idea that there is a critical mass of undecided floating voters logging on to Lucy's site seems a little far-fetched.

That said, it's a nice slick video, although the txt-spk is enough to put me off before you even get to the message...

Chris Paul said...

Actually Iain there are around 50% of the electorate still to vote.

They can walk up and vote tomorrow in both cities and every borough.

They can get replacement ballots.

And they can also catch the post tonight.

The more people vote the happier I'll be. And while there is no direct link between YouTube views and votes this is still good to see.

You obviously have no evidential basis whatsoever for your assertions about who is watching. Which is about par for the course for the no campaign.

The quality of the YES videos is tremendous. And of the NO campaign DIRE. The same goes for most of the NO arguments. DIRE.

Come on you people! Let's beat this cabal of curmudgeons and get these transport improvements we need so much.