Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mirror: Cam Fam Dram on Page 10 Then Brian Reade Nails Him

Black and white child abuse from David Cameron and ASICS devotee and product-placer Samantha Cameron on page 10 of today's Mirror. You might even think the Cameron's are an ordinary family - "with a crappy sofa" - as the News 24 paper reviewer put it last night. Rather than multi millionaires. But then Brian Reade tells it like it is:

DAVID Cameron's dreadful stereotyping - when he said everyone on benefits could end up like Karen Matthews - has shocked some people. But why?
Dreadful stereotyping is his thing. How else can you explain how every arrogant, patronising, stinking rich, chinless wonder who went to Eton and Oxford 25 years ago ended up in his Shadow Cabinet?

Temptation to fight stereotyping with stereotyping ironically accepted!

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