Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucy Powell YES Video: Hits 50,000, 111,500 129,624 Views

According to Dave Ottewell the above pro-YES-vote video by Labour's PPC Lucy Powell has received almost 50,000 hits. Which is amazing in just a few days. And STOP PRESS 10:21 it is now at 111,500. STOP PRESS 16:03 Since about 15:00 it is stalled on 129,624 precisely. Damned congestion.

Me old mucker Colin Sinclair whose charges as a band manager appropriately included The Railway Children, who shared a bill on the "more labels than one" night in Factory's Festival of the Tenth Summer with my own Ghetto Records stars Distant Cousins whose tracks possibly included the catchy Vote YES for £3 Billion or Live For an Eternity of Regret has run for the train, rather last minute.

Hordes of knuckle dragging NO vote trolls are berating Mr Ottewell for being pro-YES. I don't think that's fair. He's personally being pretty even-handed.

Shame his Newspaper's sub-editors and headline writers and photo desk and regular columnists have not been. It may be unwitting but the MEN coverage has been deflected from the path of balance by a drip drip drip of bad sub-editorial choices. And shame the GMG did not run a proactive yes campaign as they did to save the trams.

Several of their local weekly newspapers have gone all knuckle draggy petrol-head.

WIDE SCREEN EMBED: Still works best. And search for lyrics to New Order track The Beach is ongoing. Right here. What the hell, here's the widescreen, again:


going down the you tube said...

question is, will hits on Youtube equate to vote in the ballot box?

If democracy was dictated by Youtube hits then the we would be governed by a some drunken guy that films himself lighting his own farts.

and I don't mean George W.

Chris Paul said...

well, 111,500 will not be enough votes in itself but getting them in would be a nice boost

with 34 hours to go and having doubled in well under 24 the hits could easily surpass a quarter, even half a million ...

and even 111,500 never mind half a million last minute votes in just the right places would come in very handy indeed


the petomaine is not standing in any elections and if he were he'd probably be keeping his buttocks to himself ... and there is no truth in the rumour that that is actually Sean Cocker of MART in that video

Anonymous said...

The Railway Children, ah what great memories of the 80's.

Anonymous said...

we can't have the word buttocks in a comments posting without mentioning Sir Cyril Smith...

Normal service will be resumed soon.

Chris Paul said...

Normal service? Bare buttocks? Whatever can you mean anonymous?