Friday, December 12, 2008

Nadine Dorries MP: Worst Ever Tory Rep on Question Time?

Nadine Dorries has promised to "blog" about her appearance on Question Time last night. Sorry, that's not a permalink.

My view is that she who must not be believed was possibly the worst ever Conservative representative of all time. If there was an award for that she'd storm it.

Nads' answer on whether the Stansted 57 should pay damages seemed to form the longest uninterrupted collection of unfinished and un-started sentences in the history of the programme.

Amazingly at the blog of dashing Mr Darcy type Tim Montgomerie (6' 2"), Conservative Home, there is not a sausage about proud and prejudiced Nadine's train crash TV. Nothing at Iain Dale's Diary, though he did twitter her good luck 18 hours ago. In fact the whole of the Tory Blogosphere must be in mourning as no-one seems to be covering the programme at all.

The BBC blurb records her Speccie award but doesn't make the usual claims about her being "tipped for the top" and all that ditzy Dorries spin. Watch it again on BBC i-player. 44:50 for Nads chatting fart about Stansted.


A. Williams said...

I knew you'd have a piece on this!

My favourite bit - when Will Self completely undermined the crap she was spouting about the economy - hilarious!

Vote Blue, Go Green said...

Crack open the bubbly - Manchester speaks with one voice. Whoo hoo.

Chris Paul said...

Er, if that means what I think that means VBGG, it's well done to the stupid stinky dissembling luddite car freaks.

Now where's our transport improvements?

jailhouselawyer said...

I thought she looked quite good for her age. I did not hear what she was saying because I had Christmas hits coming out of my CD player at the same time. I did listen to Will Self. He appears to make more sense the more spliffs I smoke and the more whisky I drink.