Monday, December 08, 2008

Three Hours is Long Enough: There Are Only So Many Sayables

As Jacques Derrida once said. Though not necessarily the first to do so. The length of parliamentary debates should in my view depend on how many distinct things can usefully be said about the matter in hand. Not by how many backbenchers want to boost their speaking records. Say something or other, matters little what exactly, when they actually are arsed to sit where they're all supposed to be on a Monday afternoon.


Everybody Hates Chris said...

Apparently, MPs have just voted to shorten the debate - although I can't work out whether it has been cut TO three hours or FROM three hours.

But I entirely agree with you about the general length of debates. Maybe the Speaker should have a buzzer by his chair or maybe Nicholas Parsons should be voted into that office.

labourparty said...

Gov. timetabled 3hrs; opposition wanted it to be lengthened to 6hrs. Opposition amendment defeated.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Labour Party. You're right. As usual.