Thursday, December 04, 2008

Whiney Rob Adlard: Still Fiddling the Stats in Tameside

Tory grizzler Rob Adlard (above left) whines all the time like a deliberately mis-tuned violin. As it goes he is a professional "fiddler" and also arranges rather whiney stringy versions of Manchester indie-pop classics. After 30 seconds we've got the joke and we are praying that they'll stop. But they go on relentlessly caterwauling for tune after tune.

But at least he's not launching another solidarity campaign with city centre skate-boarders or passing himself off as a city centre corner boy.

Instead he is mucking in and whining a new tune alongside SHAMELESSLY LYING Tameside Tories, who are now claiming, rather like Tameside BNP, that everyone will end up paying if we vote YES. What liars they all are! Whiney, fiddly liars in the case of Mr Adlard.

CON-servatives tell whiney fibby fib fibs in Tameside.


labourparty said...

"Vote blue, go green." Er, not so much it seems.

Anonymous said...

I like how it mentions Rob Adlard as a local activist

Chris Paul said...

Yes indeed. Since at least June 2008 that is. When he was apparently on the Audenshaw protest cited by "Everybody Hates Chris" as an example of how posters really oughta look. Like, tatty.

Presumably he was still a "city centre activist" when he got his ass kicked in May 2008? Or claiming to be, a bit like their Rossendale PPC Jake the Fake Berry who pretended to live in town when in real life he lived beyond Knutsford.

I like the way too that they talk of the CON-servative campaign having cross party support. Obviously there are a few mavericks from both Labour and the Lib Dems but essentially when they say "cross party" they must mean Tories, BNP and SWP who are the only ones with cross-county nay saying.

Will Adlard show up as a candidate in the city centre again? Or is he sniffing round for the main chance of a seat in Tameside?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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B'Stard 4 Tameside said...

Chris, you are the fibber. I have yet to see you justify the claims that Tameside Tories are lying. All you are doing is providing a link to the article. Thanks for the publicity though.

Tell me how people won't end up paying? Most people will pay one way or another whether it is increased bus fares or in their council tax. It isn't just the driver who will be hit.

And just what has Tameside BNP got to do with anything?

Arnold Farquar Pocklington said...

Tax isn't tax - good grief. Rule 2 of Labour ideology - tax is something to cherish.

Chris Paul said...

B'Stard. The Tameside Tory claim that everyone will pay is translucently fibulous. Everyone will not pay.

Even your own post downgrades this to "most" which simply ain't true. So you're admitting they're fibbing.

There is no reason to believe that there will be any upwards impact on council tax at all. They're fibbing about that shamelessly.

In other examples the time shifting, mode shifting, tele-working, car sharing etc encouraged by the peak time, peak flow only charges, improved passenger transport DOES NOT kill the goose. Tories are lying.

Bus fares are CAPPED and discounts are provided to lower earners. Pensioners don't pay for passenger transport anyway. The "everyone will pay" mantra is plain wrong.

We expect this from Tameside BNP and the like. They have no respectable pretensions on being serious. Or having arguments.

That's why they're relevant here. Tameside Tories are as illogical and scare/smear based as their BNP equivalent. This is not a good place to be.

Shrink for Chris said...
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Chris has shrunk said...
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Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Deleted comments x 3 ... no playground psychiatry, no EHC.

The Tameside Tory line that everyone will pay is UTTERLY UNTRUE. You muppets.

If they said EVERYONE WILL BENEFIT they could certainly make a case for that which is far better than the non case for their contrary curmudgeonly opposite.

It is a great shame that you do not present any arguments to justify your idea that they "do have some points". Which itself is agreeing that they're wrong on some also.

And they have not provided any arguments or evidence for their position either. Because they can't. It is just lies.

These have been dealt with - with arguments - above. If you say that "everybody will pay" knowing this to be untrue, if you say bus fares will go up when they are to be capped and new discounts introduced, not to mention and Oyster type card, then you are LYING.

Rob Adlard is ahem neither here nor there. But could do with having the balls to sign his own manic comments.

PS Has Iain Dale been sacked by The Telegraph?

Anonymous said...

Hee hee.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

You appear to have lost your fantastic sense of humour, CP.

Obviously, I use 'fantastic' in it original meaning.

chris has lost his smile said...

Maybe the comments which were deleated hit a nerve?
Where is your fantastic whity response?
So you now deleate messages which say tameside tories had a point and were not lying as what they are saying has some merit to it.

Anonymous said...

Iain Dale is the Polly Tonybee of the "right wing" commentriat. What a twit.