Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cambananas: Tories Must Not Get Away With Obama Steal

Liam Byrne MP has posted on his blog on Cambananas. And LabourList point us there in the catchily titled new "things that caught our eye" feature. Renamed, that may be a better model I think than cabinet ministers posting at LabourList direct, though Dougie Alexander did continue the improvement in substance.

Alex Smith, who volunteered for BHO and directed the independent Drive For Obama effort reminds us that Do Nothing Cambananas actually and actively supported that chip off the old block McCain.

Until the appropriation attempts on the Obama "Hope" and "Change" themes began.

Let's be clear. Bush is a right-wing Tory. Obama is a third way Social Democrat. Cambananas is a right-wing Tory. Brown is a slightly lefty third way Social Democrat. The Banking Crisis is a Tory too. The Solution however is a Democratic Socialist one. Perhaps you dear reader can see where the real links lie?

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