Friday, January 16, 2009

Nudge Nudge Politics: Mr Bean Responds to Taunt with Post

DIDSBURY WEST BY_ELECTION: My, my, my. Go on record critting Tories for advertising an un-updated blog and lo-and-behold you get a speedy update, promising ... no attack politics. Just fitting in a bit of campaigning now and then between a full time job, and opening supermarkets as a Harry Potter impersonator.

Clearly, if the only adult standing in the Didsbury West by-election - David Ellison (Labour) - would win by a landslide as he surely should on the merits that'd be grand. But LOL reckon we could 'turn' co-operative society Bean if he happened to win. God forbid. But we're very happy that Tories are having a go in this constituency. And no-one could actually want Lianne as a councillor if they had met her. Oh My God!

MEANWHILE: Manchester Withington Lib Dems have sent a letter out demanding contributions to their campaign for the cipher known m s . w i l l i a m s (who doesn't do joined up, even in her signature). The Lib Dems say they are going to be spending "thousands". Which is a bit excessive when the limit is a bare thousand don't you think? But they do dough don't they?

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