Saturday, January 24, 2009

Requiem Aeternam: Ratty Leech Sent To Meet His Maker

Speaking of rats with bushy tails losing their seats I have finally decided that our garden rat "Leechy" has not been hibernating on the stone path these last four weeks but is unfortunately deceased. Comes with having a pair of mousers from Wythenshawe. Usually they bring them in as presents, even if they're bigger than Tilly and Lacey themselves are. But they sensed there was something nasty about Leechy and so they let him lie.


Anonymous said...

Did Ratty Leech go for composting, incineration or landfill?

Chris Paul said...

NOT in the composting, way too good for him. Went in the black bin and then onwards and upwards. Not sure where we're up to with the energy recovery stuff for the unsorted waste ... MRF plus W2E.

Just watched President Harrison Ford escaping from nasty central european nationalists again. Amazing.

The holes in that plot are legion.