Monday, January 19, 2009

Tory Reshuffle Updated: Rightists Chew the Fat on These Part Timers

Conservative Home has an insightful round up at the level of meaning | Iain Dale witters fluently about less round pegs in square holes | while Mister GuF finds exploding Bruges groupers. UPDATE 23:30: The big question is not whether this Tory line up is "pub ready" or authored by spinning top Andy Coulson (to be "pub ready") but how many of them - including Clarke and Hague and Grayling and Letwin - will give up their day jobs and try to make a career out of their self-interested part-time political dabblings.

And we remain ever so worried that they've lost their bollocks as it were in Iceland, thanks to this dodgy Michael Spencer Billionaire multi-Millionaire character whose company Butlers appears to have lost local council tax payers a cool £250 Million plus. He's the Tory Party Treasurer so you'd hope he had their cash on ice too?!

You can take part in the ConservativeHome "Reshuffle Reaction" poll RIGHT HERE.

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