Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Wars 2.0: Draper and Guido Still Locked in Battle

Labour List are claiming victory over the GuFster on his removal of the standard racist comments. To be fair GuF tends to, in fact almost always removes the most offensive, particularly racist material on request if not pro-actively. But to be fair some more, GuF does know full well what some of his Friday Caption Competitions are going to trawl in from his bottom feeding window licker commenters.

Labour List have now moved on to approaching MessageSpace advertisers and asking them not to use GuF's site.

Two points on that:

1. If Guido is making some of his living from the blog then this is the same thing that got Derek het up over what he saw as undermining his livelihood. Do as I say, not as I do?

2. MessageSpace is a help with the sustainability of blogs across the political spectrum and the boycott mentality advanced here is not likely to help the rest of Message Spaces' outlets.

UPDATE 15:04: This showed some class from GuF. And in all honesty Derek if a Tory or Lib Dem opponent had massaged their CV even a little bit, even in a sales document, you'd very likely be all over it. Until they acknowledged the point with good humour. Try that won't you? Take one for the team.

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