Friday, February 13, 2009

Geert the Squeert: Strip Search, Frog March, Sordid Pub?

Benny Brogan draws our attention to what The Mail Says on the Geert Wildings controversy. With links to an allegation from Tories that Cameron has decided to keep schtum on this one. The Mail have asked their readers a rather irrelevant question:

Should Dutch MP Geert Wilders be allowed to address the House of Lords?

Mail readers apparently think so. 86% say YES! Sadly the option of an oration from the porny fascist in the Lords was not on the agenda. It was a UKIP-organised meeting for wingnuts and freemasons in some back room somewhere on the parliamentary estate.

Perhaps the Powers that be should have let the little squirt in, strip searched the bastard checking every nook and cranny for hate and porn material, escorted him everywhere including when the little squirt was having a little squirt in the little fascists room, and then finally turned him away from the Mother of all Parliaments.

The fascists could have then moved their sordid little meeting to a handy Freemasons Hall, priests hole or perhaps the upstairs room at The Lamb and Flag.

The message would have been: Yes, we allow free speech. But No, we don't allow our parliamentary estate to be hijacked and screwed over by would-be book burners and hate mongers. Book a more appropriate venue you fascist arseholes. And yes, including you your UKIP Lordship. More poll results follow. 90% think Christians are being "persecuted" in the UK, though feelings are more balanced on Wallinger's White Horse. Where was the "Artistic Monstrosity" tick box?

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digitaltoast said...

Wow - you really are bitter! But also, your writing is really confused - you mention bookburnings and fascists. I assume you're referring to Islamofascism, the Satanic Verses book burnings and the homophobic anti-semitic rantings of the various nasty pieces of work the unelected Lord Ahmed has invited over the years?

And unlike Lord Ahmed, Geert Wilders didn't kill anyone while texting and driving, did he?

I don't think Wilders is the danger to the UK, it's Lord Ahmed.

And I don't suppose you noticed that a poll for the Guardian came out with similar results of 84.5% saying banning Wilders was wrong, as did 80% on the UK's largest student forum? Or that most Islamic commentators also disagreed with the ban, as did 100% of the audience and panellists for Any Questions?