Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hitchens and BNP: Peter Don't Wanna Be Misunderstood

He's their man it seems. At the other end of any political spectrum to the Militant Tendancy Stephen Newton has brought Peter Hitchen/Paul Dacre banana bashing right back home. Apparently Hitchens believes that if the BNP could and did read his work they'd be happier with him. Which is a very strange claim to fame.

Here's one:
Claiming less gun action in Mid West USA than in Manchester. Fact: Annual gun deaths in USA are in five figures, in the UK between large two- and small three- figure total.

MEANWHILE AND MORE IMPORTANT: In North Warwickshire's Atherstone Central ward Councillor Barry Beeson (Tory) died recently. The Tories are expecting or indeed feel they are experiencing a strong challenge from the BNP. They are I'm told repeating the Dale-drivel about BNP votes all coming from Labour. Who are the existing second place, indeed the second incumbent, and I'd make a small wager a relative of Labour's candidate for this election.

I don't think the Tories - whose candidate is Gill Davies/Davis - understand either effective anyone-but-fascists cross-party approach that has worked in the past. Or danger of third party through muddle, where both leading parties in a ward are incumbents at some level.

The Tories hold North Warks 21-14 with very little Lib Dem and Independent activity, and no UKIP or BNP candidates in 2007. The ward was split in that election with a tiny margin - just 16 votes - between Tory and Labour on the first and second seats. The Lib Dems did stand in the ward, and hopefully will be doing so again ... No, really, I do not effing believe it. They've not bothered, again. If someone from the Lib Dems there is reading and can explain this ... we'll be all ears.

The Greens did try to bother, selecting one Sue Naylor who had polled 77 votes in a neighbouring ward in 2007. But apparently one of their signatures also signed for the Independent.
Source: HERE.

Truth is the BNP can take votes from everyone. But also - and this is more significant IMO - from no-one. Recruiting habitual non-voter "sleepers". Tories must stop thinking of the BNP vote as swinging from behind Labour. There's no evidence that this was even a source at all from Swanley St Mary's recently. The by-election is on Thursday 5 March. My prediction: Labour Gain. But I've yet to find local websites for any of them. Though the BNP, with two councillors in Nuneaton and Budworth had the nearest miss.

Local MP Mike O'Brien appears to make do with a DODS mini-website ... on which there is no mention of this by-election at the heart of his constituency. Speaking of which ...

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Bruce said...

Guns. When are we going to get over our silly, phobic mindset in the UK?

Peter Hitchens called the gun issue exactly right in his article and should be commended for being one of the few journalists to speak honestly about the matter.

This whole 'just look at crazy America' argument should be unacceptable to any thinking person. If you actually did look at American gun ownership rates, gun laws and State variation you might just figure out why America is becoming less violent and we are becoming more violent.

Change the record. People are dying.