Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Labour List/Dave Hill: Mad Mel, BNP, Black Police, Positive Action

When Labour List posts an appreciation of Melanie Phillips' abstract musings on the BNP, and on the same day some confused confusion on police recruitment ... it makes me wonder.

Clearly there is "a BNP threat". But I'm not sure Mel understands it. Does she ever go knocking on doors where the BNP are calling for support? Does she realise that they are particularly reaching out to non voters in low turn out wards? In the classic manner of the electoral insurgent? Vide the Liberal Democrats.

And if Don appreciates how organisations are really transformed, it doesn't show. Or indeed appreciates how to signal role playing. Pretending in this case to be ignorant and just a bit reactionary. I assume it is role playing? And comments don't seem to be capable of discriminating between Positive Action and Positive Discrimination.

Dave Hill's London Blog at the Guardian is altogether more interesting and useful. Why are his Lib Dems affecting to be so upset about Labour's anti-BNP tactics in a specific by-election?

I've not seen the leaflets concerned, featuring Union Flags and patriotic dog breeds. By repute those Labour tactics very likely helped the Lib Dems' majority.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Lib Dems are in any position to complain about the electoral tactics of other parties, especially in their beloved by-elections. This page details some of their latest lies and smears in Liverpool against the Green Party.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Anon

I've quite a few Lib Dem sins to confess from the North West and beyond. Many boroughs and cities covered already ... any more sightings of Lib Dem nonsense by email please.

But when you're smearing the Green Party you really do know you're in deep trouble. Bradley Bradley your pants are on fire!

Best w

Chris P