Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noel's HQ Edutainment: Finger on the Pulse, in a Good Way?

So is Noel Edmonds' new Sky 1 show Alan Partridge Knowing Me, Knowing You realised for real? Is it Brass Eye made flesh and striding among us? Daily Mail TV? Whoever the audience is, in the studio, at home, this could indeed be a very powerful instance of the campaigning edutainment format.

The fact Noel was able to brandish supporting messages from all three party leaders on this particular campaign is testament to that potential power.

Perhaps Edmonds is a Tory? Perhaps he is deliberately hiding the Tory complexion of the Wealden Conservative Council? A council that have made a monumentally unpopular planning decision? Apparently in the face of no adverse submissions or objections?

Though to be fair Noel does call for them to get the chop at the polls.

So far, so much passionate populism from a past master, but do we really want planning decisions made by a Sky 1 TV show? Do we want local government officers to face the sack over a Noel Edmonds distortion? Will Noel Edmonds try to stop Heathrow's Third Runway? Or Trident renewal? And will Noel help make the case to push through that necessary but NIMBY travellers site, drugs rehab unit, homeless shelter, incinerator? Or put certain Tory spending cuts to the sword? More likely the opposite.

Powerful and important. But not progressive or democratic.

FOOTNOTES: Hat tip: Tom Watson. Press Association: 09/02/09 linking U-Turn to Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Noel Edmonds intervention, yes you did read that right.
Planning portal: is right here, still showing "Refusal" as the decision and with a document tagged committee minutes and also dated 09/02/09 (this Monday just gone, but perhaps from 23/12/08?) also showing refusal.

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its like watching Peter Finch in Network