Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tories DO Have a Plan: £100 Billion Public Services Cuts

A footnote at the last post referred to £100 Billion of TORY SPENDING CUTS.

Apparently these will have to be £100 Billion - not specified whether this is annual or some kind of vague cumulated total - not the mere £30 Billion we anticipated. Thanks again Iain Dale for pointing us at this.

So it's to be substantially less tax for the richest 5,000 families, spun senseless as an Inheritance Tax boon for almost everyone. Plus substantially less public services for the rest of us. Why would anyone - apart from those very rich folk - in a "swing state" actually vote to get a Tory government?

Iain is relying on a Conservative Home commissioned report with the cheery title "Bankrupt Britain" and that is summarised by Tim Darcy Montgomery right here. Very struck by the importance of Point of View in reading this.

Tim concludes: "On that basis, we have increased real spending by £219 billion over the last 15 years." And that's an annual figure now. £623 Billion rather than £404 Billion on inflation only basis. This amounts to an increase of an average of about 5% per year above inflation or an average relentless increase of about £14 Billion extra year on year every year.

Tim says BOO to this. I say HURRAH! Don't anyone tell me that we haven't been fixing the roof while the sun has been shining. Schools, Hospitals, Arts, Sports, Public Realm, Police, Security, Twilight Cities and much else RENEWED. The entire analysis is based on a point of view requiring lower taxation of the richer segments and less public services for the many. We need to reject the Tory point of view on this.

Download "Bankrupt Britain" for yourself HERE. Those Tories have a plan at last. £100 Billion of Cuts. Proper Tories!

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