Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tories Taking the Michael 3: Spencer "Still Tory Party Treasurer?"

In the same Sunday Mirror piece we find Michael Spencer and Lord Laidlaw mentioned in dispatches. It seems that, though the former had to resign from corporate posts for breaking the rules on openness; not to mention his ignoble connection with Tories and Gnomes of Iceland; ... he is still considered fine and dandy to be Tory Party Treasurer. Gotcha! he exclaims below. Of course Lord Laidlaw, rather like Baron Belize, is dug in overseas and was pushing the rules to breaking point. Shame on these self-serving, dishonest, rule-breaking Tories, every one.

FOOTNOTE 00:00: For the avoidance of doubt ... Shame on these self-serving, dishonest, rule-breaking insert-name-of-party, every one. (But the Tories are the worst offenders. It's in their DNA. See those loathsome MEPs if you have any doubts.)


Oldrightie said...

So you nasty and deluded Socialists really exist. I thought it was all a figment of my imagination that your ilk had screwed my pension and wrecked my Country totally in just 11 or so short but horrible years.
Can you take pills to keep your delusion and nastiness alive? Or are you born cretins?

Anonymous said...

Fuck me Chris you really need to seek help for your delusions.
Dolly may be able to help you but perhaps he is more deluded than you
if possible.

Anonymous said...

You should rename this blog 'Tory of Hate' or 'Labour of Delusion'

Labour are gone, and people like you have helped them on their way with all this negative campaigning. Listening to you the Tories are in Government and can do no good, and Labour are the whiter than white opposition. You are still fighting the 1997 election and the country has moved on.

Chris Paul said...

1. Oldrightie: Yes, we're still here. The past 12 years have been a joy - even for proper socialists, barring a war or two - compared to the previous 18 years. When the Thatch set up the current crash in her greed and selfishness for all grasping wotsits meme. Generic comment. Tedious.

2. L=FI: I'll not be hiring Dolly, or anyone. I have friends if I get stuck. But what exactly is you problem with what I've written? Do you think Michael Spencer is a fit person to handle political funds when he can't even follow basic commercial rules? Or see the Tory crash coming in Iceland? Is that it? Your comment is mindless and generic. Copy and paste on any leftie blog. Yawn. Be specific.

3. Anonymous (truth at last): Another mindless generic comment. Are you three in any way related? Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble?

You all might like to tell me what's acceptable about Ashcroft (or any other funding Mickey taker for any party), what's great about Speno being such a wayward freak, what's marvellous about Grayling taking the piss on the housing allowance?

Sadly the billionaire Speno didn't go to either of my old schools. Though the other two did. If I were sending the school cash I'd cancel my S/O over these shenanigans.

Though as it goes I refused to pay up until they resume adherence to their founding mission. Which was ... educating the poor who couldn't get schooled any other way. Which was nice.

Anonymous said...

mpared to the previous 18 years. When the Thatch set up the current crash in her greed and selfishness for all grasping wotsits meme.

And there we have it, the current depression is Thatchers fault.

You have now lost all credibility.

Chris Paul said...

It was Cameron himself who laid the origins of all this greed and recklessness at Thatcher's door. Said it had to stop. At Davos.

But then he's still a lightweight. And he still has no credibility. That will turn out to be a very powerful factor in the next election.