Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tory Advisers: Freudian Slip, Google Jump Without Due Diligence?

Not sure quite what it means to be a "David Cameron advisor"? It seems that the Cam is doing so bland that a Labour advisor can switch horses midstream - possibly for a promised peerage and a seat in a Cam government. In fact investment banker David Freud was probably never really Labour - just part of the all-the-talents bolt-on without Digby's peerage. Always a flight risk.

Cam's public middle-of-the-road-ism is also so bland that one Eric Schmidt can be taken in and signed up. As Tom Watson MP points out at the link Google's Chief Executive Schmidt believes in the Brown/Obama massive fiscal stimulus, cutting recession he believes from a couple of decades to a couple of years. Meanwhile Cam secretly advocates for the couple of decades market correction model, and of course for cutting Inheritance Tax for a few of the richest in the land and massively slashing public services for everyone else.

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