Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodwin Wage Slip Blaggery: Whose Graphic and Whose Sums?

Further to the last Golden Shred post Iain Dale - who is no graphic artist himself - ran a payslip graphic "exclusive" last evening at 6:53PM. With no credit for the artist. GuF O'Staines has run it this morning at 8:35AM with twittered fanfare but without attribution to Iain or otherwise.

Whoever came up with it the main point of interest for me is that the discretionary "uplift" appears to be a mere 15%. Almost as if it's "Value Added Tax"!! And what's more 597 plus 114 does not make 693. The correct uplift if the contractual amount is correct would be a "mere" £96,000 per annum. Perhaps Dale is the artist after all?! If that is so it is still serious, but it's hard to credit all the tales of the thing doubling and quadrupling overnight as Myners and/or Brown strummed their Lyres.

UPDATE 09:13: Reckon Guido will get most of the incoming links and that Iain will be spitting feathers. "It's my sloppy arithmetic I tell you!! Mine!!!"

UPDATE 18:37: Plenty of reports suggesting that BOTH the figures on the spoof wage slip are completely wrong.

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