Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guido vs Dolly: Gloves Are Long Off, Knuckle Dusters On?

It may be that Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mister GuF was himself chucked out of a fourth rate FE college, but he may know where Derek Draper's buttons are. Not far from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Ouch!

Watch the Daily Politics for fun and games. Though just now it looks as if Guido is a "no show". And Dolly has benefitted from a two-page caption explaining who he is now, and has been. Which is unusual. You can watch live on your computer (launches player).

UPDATE 12:12: The blogger item is now running.

UPDATE 12:20: The Daily Politics are showing a bit of the Dan Hannan trick pony YouTube phenomenon. Who he? So what?

UPDATE 12:23: Guido didn't get the benefit of a two-page caption. He should complain. Though then again this might explain he is a college drop out, failed city boy, bankrupt, drunk drive criminal, general drunk, and of course properly independent phenomenon.


Bill Quango MP said...

Can't you apply to take over LabourList Mr Paul?

I believe you have al ittle too much poison in your veins and you would need some restraining, but your Guido/Draper post shows your usual entertaining style.

I don't know what you , as a Labour supporter, think about Labourlist but I find I need a glass of water and a crossword to hand on the rare occasion that I look in.
That way the unbearable dryness and unending tedium pass quicker.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks S

I can't say my application is in the post. But perhaps I should start sending them the odd post? or even the very odd post?

Best w

Chris P