Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just a Lib Dem Dirtbag 3: "Dave Hennigan" and "Andy Ashton"

Paul Rowen has of course been away on his travels. To the Lib Dem Spring conference in Harrogate. Where he apparently slept in, after partying too hard, and missed the 9:00AM Gaza debate he was supposed to be so very interested in. Hence the LOL graphic above. He's making a habit of it. He missed the Ramahdan Foundation event on this. And Hennigan tried to go - uninvited - in his place. The invitation was not transferable ... not to Hennigan who had a history of being a drunken embarrassment at the relevant Castlemere Community Centre. Never mind a manipulative scumbag, messing with community interests. He was ejected. Allegedly disruptive, abusive, and strong smelling of drink.

Reports now suggest Rowen takes after his agent. He was two-and-a-half hours late rolling in to the Conference Session. His pet topic of Gaza was debated at 9:00AM. He rolled in at 11:30AM. He then we're told slumped in his seat. Ready to stand up and be counted during the great leader's speech.

He was we're told looking even more under the weather than usual. Even more red eyed and puffy cheeked than usual. And we're told very disheveled. The epitome of some sad, middle-aged, never-been councillor. Hardly suitable to represent the proud town of Rochdale. We weren't there so we're relying on tip offs, plural. But that's certainly the word on the street.

While "the Cat" was away "the Mice" did play.

All the signs were that Dave Hennigan himself (above) was "at it". Carrying on his smears against opponents, using a nom de plume, in comments on this blog. But, whoever actually posted them, there are plenty of denials floating around, Hennigan's tell tale information, tell tale attitude, tell tale syntax, tell tale punctuation (!), and even tell tale verbatim phrases seem to give him away.

"Ashton Andy" and also "Andy Ashton" (above) deny they are Hennigan. If you were a real alternative smeary creature - even an anonymous troll - you'd do this. As you would do if you were Hennigan, at it. And Hennigan not only denies he's involved but also that he even knows who "AA" may be. Alcoholic anonymous springs to mind at this point. Sorry. But this beggars belief. No-one can burp of fart about Rochdale, Rowen, Cyril Spanker, or Libdemology without Henni knowing exactly who's who.

Whatever, and I mean absolutely whatever, you were doing this weekend Mr Hennigan this would not have stopped your trademark attacks. In fact the evidence seems to be that you lash out when you're under stress, taken a drink, need to let off steam. Some even say you were blogging vile rubbish on Rochdale Online on your wedding night. Why would anyone ever believe a word you say anyway?

Another instalment to follow shortly. News every hour, on the hour. Placard captions are still welcome ...


Gravy train said...

Rowen is looking very red and sweaty these days. Look at the state of him here. Sweat pouring off him, his nose gleaming like Rudolph's

Anonymous said...

Poor Paul: no wonder he looks a tad under the weather with a bunch of weirdos on the Parliamentary payroll. Throw in a bottle of Vodka, soft lights and a bit of jazz and handling those naughty boys would be like juggling handgrenades with the pins out.

Christ, what a thought- Hennigan, Power and Swarbrick all a bit tiddly in Lib Dem HQ, geiing all aggressive, all oiled up (on vodka) then prematurely exploding in each others faces. So to speak.

Chris Paul said...

I'd really rather not Spartacus ... has the CCTV of those sprayers been analysed yet?

Anonymous said...

have the sprayers been analysed?

what sort of question is that?


Anonymous said...

It all looks too much for Rowen. He looks more suited to a rambling convention with that trainspotters anorak he's wearing.