Sunday, March 08, 2009

Labour Links: Progress is Broken, Labour List is Absent

Thanks to Progress for appearing to include CP-LOL in their Links HERE. Yet to receive any traffic from it though, as it actually points to Comment is Free who get double helpings. I'll have to start contributing. The first message from a well-wisher pointing out the error cited Labour List as the culprits. But, as it goes, all their blog links seem well-directed ... they just don't yet have one to LOL Central!

Iain Dale of course has kept me out of his main links section. Even though LOL tends to be in the top-20 to top-30 of his referring sites.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Chris, you're still the only Labour blogger to appear on my blog list!

You kindly link to me but the link is to the old blog....I'm now at

Chris Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Chris, Dale doesn't link based on traffic, he links back based on quality like most bloggers do. Something which your blog is lacking - quality.

Anonymous said...



I hiccuped when typing my web address.

It's actually:

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