Saturday, March 07, 2009

Macmillan Recall Marr Tome: As Sales of Valium Hit Freefall

Guido reports that Macmillan have recalled Andrew Marr's latest tedious bloackbuster tome "for legal reasons". No-one seems to have the slightest idea what any complainant could have found therein that is potentially actionable. Remembering of course that post-Mosley "invasion of privacy" may be the plat du jour, rather than the all-our-yesterdays that was defamation.

It/he/she/they must have been persuasive however as Macmillan wouldn't normally recall a publication for pulping and/or incineration and/or tape wiping and/or ROM smashing unless it were a very serious matter indeed.

Or otherwise Macmillan are seeking to drive (a) an immediate sales boost via tardier not-quite-moving-like-lightning booksellers i.e. most of 'em; (b) lots of speculation from diarists, bloggers and perhaps some serious literati; and (c) sales and re-sales of the re-published tome for "spot the difference" activities.

Might have been better to, ahem, "let it lie" as we say down the assizes. Though for now Marr (right) is in the shit and prepared for inclement weather.

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