Monday, March 02, 2009

Parliamentary Challenge: John Mann MP Challenges Sir Shred

John Mann MP has written to Fred the Golden Shred (right, click to enlarge) asking him why he misled MPs over the "normality" and "universality" of his pension arrangements. Most people leaving early and drawing down pensions early - even within the category of pensioners in which Sir Fred resides - do not see the pot increased, and certainly do not see their pension drawings increase or even in most cases stay the same. Sir Shred seems to pretend that his arrangements are bog standard. They are not. Harriet Harman has suggested that the differences between these arrangements and the norm make the extra here to be a "severance package" rather than an unfair pension boost as such. She also said this was not acceptable in the court of public opinion. But what do we do about this? Populism over the Law, or precedent, or principled leadership? Hat tip: Labour List.

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