Friday, March 27, 2009

Shock Horror: 24 Hour Media Responsible For Copy Cattery

Via Tim at Bloggerheads we discover Charlie Brooker discovering a forensic psychiatrist clearly telling the MSM that their approach to mass murder is completely whack and likely, demonstrably so, to lead to copy-cat events. The same argument surely applies to mass-murder of the political variety with wall-to-wall coverage feeding the terror meme? Here you go:

Tim is also on a roll with the outing of the delusional muppet Glen Jenvey, an agent provocateur of the lowest order masquerading as, and being chronically rewarded by the mainstream media for "exposes" of sock puppet etc stuff he's done himself.

Tim also has a good deal of credit for a Scottish Sunday Express climbdown over some whack reporting on Dunblane massacre survivors. The petition on this is still live if you wish to add your name to those of around 10,000 copy cats.

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