Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tom Harris MP: Breaks Whip Brown Nosing Baron Waddington

Sounds a bit rude! Well, Tom Harris MP, carried out his ambush as we thought likely and he has now explained why he rebelled on a 3-line whip. Why he voted with the Tories. And why, it emerges, it was the top East Lancashire freemason, and arguably most useless Home Secretary of all time, David "Baron" Waddington, that he was specifically supporting. Tom provides the text of the speech he would have given if he'd had more than three minutes. I don't know whether he kept in his "poof" reference. We'll have to wait for Hansard.

Here's my response, treading rather carefully so that Tom won't hesitate to print the thing:

You are overstating the case in favour of the useless arse hole Waddington's little amendment Tom. That was quite unnecessary. It goes without saying when it starts "for the avoidance of doubt":

For the avoidance of doubt, the discussion or criticism of sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred.

Doh! There is no doubt in the first place. But what Waddington is doing is specifically inviting the weaselish to push the envelope on disapproval with some supposed protection in law.

For the avoidance of doubt it was the former Home Secretary David Waddington who (a) egged on Cyril Smith in representing the asbestos industry and not his constituents in resisting safety in that industry; and who, in his day job as a crappy barrister, (b) completely failed to protect Stefan Kiszko from his wrongful imprisonment and eventual stress death (along with his mum) over completely unsupportable mischievious hearsay-based conviction for child sex murder.

Incidentally the two things are related as it was a member of the family of Cyril Smith's supporters the Castrees who actually raped and killed the child and who had also committed similar crimes. And of course we're talking East Lancashire mafia here ... even if the local freemasons black balled Smith.

Waddington failed to get any sort of appropriate time to read and process some 8,000 pages of evidence discovered during the late stages. And he failed to recognise the complete venality of the police involved in the case and to press them for the absolutely conclusive evidence that they were with-holding.

Cyril Smith's heir Paul Rowen MP has spun on his heels - having specifically denied that there is asbestos danger in schools and also having refused to condemn Cyril's delivering corporate speeches and also having failed to take a principled position on development of the form asbestos killing fields for housing - well he is in action at 4pm today in Westminster Hall. Talking some opportunistic weaselish about asbestos in schools. Which he says is not a danger.


Stewart Cowan said...

What does this history lesson have to do with the amendment that will ensure free speech?

Oh, nothing.

Chris Paul said...

Everything. One might argue that "For the avoidance of doubt" clauses have no place in primary legislation. Perhaps in guidelines. But perhaps if blooming obvious - as this one - nowhere near. One might also be interested to know where they came from. Waddington is IMO a creep. And he is associated with asbestos and Rochdale Libs. And with a miscarriage of justice and Rochdale Libs. And this is worth pointing out. And Tom Harris has picked a peculiar vote to make his first rebellion on. IMO.