Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alex Hilton: Gordon Brown Should Stage "Reunion" For Nadine

Recess Monkey and Labour Home blogger Alex Hilton has come up with an absolutely priceless suggestion to smooth over Vibrator Tories Hooky Sleaze Gate. Answering this strange post from an unfamiliar voice, first time poster MTombs claiming an unnamed Tory PPC (or ward candidate perhaps? others have assumed PPC) suggested "all immigrants should be shot" and that Gordon should NOT apologise, Alex suggests:

Gordon should send flowers and an apologetic note to the wives of Cameron and Osborne, with phone calls to the Tory leader and his acolyte. Nadine Dorries and the un-named other Tory mentioned should probably be invited to a lunch at Number 10 so they can bend the ear of the Prime Minister about abortion or foxhunting or whatever's on their mind - an opportunity they would be unlikely to get even if the Tories were in government.

Priceless! Gordon Brown should invite Nadine Dorries MP and her alleged sex-toy-hob-nobbling companion to a reunion over high tea? Perhaps he could ask them to wait a moment in a suitable bugged and hidden camera'd guest room and wait for the inevitable frantic tumble to be captured for posterity?

But then wasn't it Alex Hilton PPC who met Jacqui Smith in a lift at conference 2008 and asked her if she wouldn't mind legalising cocaine to boost his chances in Chelsea and Westminster or wherever it is he's standing?

Seriously though. Nadine Dorries has got to be one of the most worrying people in the Houses of Parliament, front or back stage, Commons or Lords. Wouldn't it have been possible with Route One news management to keep her name out of all the papers? Even if the rat Guido did not graciously redact the lesser players' names?

So why did she out herself as "vibrating MP XX" in the first place? Was that wise old head Iain Dale advising her on media strategy over the bank holiday weekend? Someone please show me I'm wrong. But on the face of it hasn't Nadine Dorries marched into centre stage deliberately when she could have laid low?

And did anyone else find it a bit creepy when in addition to sleazer Guido Fawkes telling everyone where the moral high ground is we had SNP sleazer Angus MacNeil joining in towards the end of yesterday? Suggesting in a rampant smear that Labour bloggers all over Scotland and Wales were also sleazing up the Nats?

Meanwhile you need to imagine Draper substituted for eggy farmer in this clip. Prescott has unambiguously called for Draper to go:


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Seriously though. Nadine Dorries has got to be one of the most worrying people in the Houses of Parliament, front or back stage, Commons or Lords.What, compared to the Prime Mentalist? Or Jacqui "Beria" Smith? Or Jack "The Hat" Straw?

Really? Sure you're not just being a tribal tosser, Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Which coming from you is praise indeed. Possibly.

Seriously though Obnoxio. You do do serious? Why did Nadine out herself in this way?

She is worrying in the extreme ... it would in fact come under the category of attention-seeking self-harming. And she says she is worried about her children (plural) at school being embarrassed.

Last time I looked ND had only one child at school. But perhaps keeping track of her young 'uns - even with one of them in her office full time and overpaid, and another doing holiday work when not at university - is too much for her?

Anonymous said...

Moral high ground? Guido? As if. I see that slimer tried to sell his McBride email to the Daily Telegraph for £20,000.