Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Blogger Crashers: Iain Dale Jukebox of Schlager Musik

Iain Dale's 51-100 top songs of all time are in two instalments HERE (51-75) and HERE (76-100). With loads of links (presumably carefully checked!) and lots of mini-You Tube embeds this is likely the blogosphere equivalent of dragging an outsize anchor behind your yacht when hurrying for some fundraising in Corfu. Or leaving your handbrake on in an overladen limo trying to get Eric Pickles over Snake Pass on a winters day. Why is the engine overheating.

It's got to be 100% agreement with Iain's: "Isn't it great that we all have different tastes!" Truly this is the soundtrack of do nothing Tories at play.


Tarquin said...

A bit OT but are you still checking out the fragrant Nadine's blog. It's priceless! She doesn't get many comments though. Or doesn't allow many through.

Illicit Lover said...

Do you fancy Iain? You do, don't ya? You want to kiss him and touch him, stroke him and suck him off. Get a boyfriend Chris.

Chris Paul said...

I've not checked out Nadine's rambles for a day or so. I'll take a look. Thanks Tarquin.

Chris Paul said...

"Illicit Lover" - if I've told you once McBride/Hennigan I've told you a thousand times. GTF, the both of youse!

Anonymous said...

The parallels between taxpayer salaried Damian McBride and taxpayer salaried Dave Hennigan - Paul Rowen MP's "regeneration" wrecking ball in Drake Street - are really spooky.

Rochdale Rapper said...

It would be rude to ask precisely how much Dave Hennighan is paid.

But it would be fair a proper to have a simple answer to a reasonable question-

as a percentage, how much more does Dave Hennighan get paid in comparison to his fellow Drake Street employees? (The other 2 full-time, the 2 part-time and the Westminster researcher).

Paul Rowen as a supposed equal opportunities employer and DWP shadow, shadow, shadow and "transparent crusader" must come clean about the taxpayer's dosh diddy Dave gets compaired to older people and female colleagues' salaries.