Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Guardian Twittering From G20 Skirmishes: Hot Type Here

Guardian have four twitterers from the G20 demonstration. And I have a genuine story so fantastical that I cannot stick it on the blog until after noon lest it be mistaken for an April Fool. @kennardcif (almost 'canard' - born for it?) | @lenadecasparis |@rowenna_davis | Sunny Hundal @pickledpolitics. Instead of linking to the twitter pages the Guardian link to CIF profiles. They just don't get it. @jessica_cif?? nope, sorry is nipping down to Max Spielman's kiosk every few minutes to provide quality photographs from the scribblers (tappers?) sides. Now owned by that newest Tory MP Timpson ... who said the Credit Crunch was good for no-one? This one is from Lena. There is a scribble pad for all five of them at the first link above. Sunny is slacking. To put it mildly.

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