Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guido Claims Draper Scalp Too: Now He'll Have To Go

Guido is claiming Draper's scalp also, stating that Liam Byrne MP has "effectively sacked Draper live on Sky". In reality, despite being intimate with all the movers and shakers back in 1998, Derek Draper is not currently a post holder at Labour. He walked way back when. More than a decade in the wilderness. Followed by six months self-destructing. But Guido's story makes about as much sense as one suggesting that Cameron has sacked Guido. Having said that the bum fluff stumble bum Draper will surely now be forced out, again. McBride was reputed to be Delboy's guardian. Protecting against continuous moves to sideline him from the Labour blog frontline over his ill-judged spats and strategic errors.

FOOTNOTE: Why did Guido not redact the convoluted Nadine Dorries stories?


Anonymous said...

The BBC need to get some perspective on this. I heard John Pienaar on BBC Five Live earlier claim it was an example of the “worst sleaze” he’d encountered in all his years of reporting in Westminster. Pull the other one, John. Is this really on the same scale as Archer and Aitkin going to jail? Hamilton taking brown paper bags full of cash to ask parliamentary questions? Or Mark Thatcher secretly trousering millions for arms deals to Iran and Iraq?

Granted, it’s not edifying and McBride is a twerp. But it is not some highwater mark of sleaze. It’s a few brainless emails.

For those of us who have suffered at the hands of smear merchants from the Lib Dems and Conservatives over the years, it’s nothing new either. In Rochdale Dave Hennigan and his band of poisonous Lib Dems have been spreading vile rumours about the Parliamentary candidate’s personal life for over a year now. This is the filthy modus operandi of all too many people who have no place in politics and are dragging our democracy through the mud every week.

Another week passes and the press are obsessing about tittle tattle and passing next to no comment on policy plans by the Tories. This in a week when Osbourne had to backtrack on his plans to rip up public sector deals, Dan Hannan claimed the NHS “made people iller” and was a “mistake” and Cameron leaked plans to penalise children whose parents had not walked down the aisle. Surely these are more important matters?

Chris Paul said...

I would predict that, bad as this is for the Labour brand, it is simultaneously hog tying the Tories and seeing them offer some hostages to fortune also.