Thursday, April 02, 2009

Iain Dale Pooper Scooper: GB "Announces" General Election Date

Oh dear. Iain Dale has discovered the dates of the General Elections from now to eternity. I have asked him when the document to which he refers - the Constitutional Reform Bill - was actually published by Lords Hansard. Answer here and above. It's either quite a scoop - well, apart from the possibility of amendment or action before it is enacted - or evidence that the April Fool meme reaches all layers of Society. For there is such a thing.

UPDATE 18:35: It emerged pretty swiftly that Iain Dale was wrong. This was not a Government Bill. And it was not an April Fool as such. Just Lib Dems business as usual. To be fair Iain's source was stone wrong. But Withering Vine have scored through their whole story. Whereas Iain's story stands with partial correction.

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