Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Official: Tory Web Guru Shapps Tweets His Brains

When Tory T'Interweb Guru Grant Shapps claimed that his digital identity had been hijacked by someone or other, correctly guessing that his password was, and I kid you not, "1234" we knew he was an idiot at best and more likely an idiot with no grasp of the difference between truth and fiction, and a predilection for threatening legals.

No-one surely would choose "1234" as a password for an electronic forum? Particularly not a T'Interweb guru. But this was how Grant claimed all sorts of nonsense came to be done in his name. Today he tweets - see it here at his curious pop star twitter home - alerting us to a nit-picking non-sequitor at his personal speak my brains forum.

Spuriously linking painless, costless PCT re-branding with changes elsewhere in the NHS.


Anonymous said...

Remember the time that Harriet Harman's blog got hacked, and someone posted an entry declaring that she supported Boris Johnson's mayoral candidacy? Apparently, her username was "harriet" and the password was "harman".

0 Comments said...

Blimey, you've got a comment. Bit of a novelty eh?

Chris Paul said...

0 Comments: It really does depend on what I post. Sometimes it is so sublime that no comment is required. And no Anon I don't remember that particular hack.

Having said that the things which were carried out in Grant Shapps' name and/or from his main supporters and fixers IP addresses were atrocious ... whereas according to you Harrie was hacked.

Not only was Shapps' abuse nasty, he was also claiming to be a web guru at one and the same time.

PS: 0 Comments ... where do you blog then?