Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mars Hill and Labour Home: Calling For Draper To Go

Mild-mannered Mars Hill blogger Paul Burgin continues to call for Draper to be sacked. As do Labour Home. Meanwhile BBC News Channel have been forced to apologise for Guido's defamatory statements about Peter Hain. Tom Watson MP is joking (?) on Twitter and asking for Schillings' number. He was also potentially defamed by Mister GuF, live on National TV. And now by Iain Dale on his blog and with a flip on his twitter. Somebody DID put a brake on this stuff. Might even have been TW. Kerry McCarthy MP can't believe Tory hypocrisy.

Which brings me to Chris Grayling. Me old schooly seems to be going a bit OTT and calling the whole of the apparently sleazy McBride gossip collection "downright lies". We'll see Chris. We'll see. Pages one to three of The Sunday Times are to be dedicated to this story according to the BBC. Presumably any of the material they or the News of the World publish will have to be true?

EXCLUSIVE: An off the record briefing from a Labour insider last week informed Labour of Love's chief reporter that Derek Draper's position as Editor of Labour List and thence as a ubiquitous talking head was being preserved by support from unnamed people at HQ. If that protection was from McBride, and indeed Charlie Whelan whose name also appears in cc lists according to Guido, then Derek may find himself vulnerable.


roman said...

Some years ago, when running a General Election campaign for a Conservative candidate, I got a call from a local NHS staffer.

He offered to give me details about a nearby Labour MP's spouse, who had recently had a spell in the local mental health unit.

I suggested he go forth and multiply.

But by your logic, since the story was true but was being kept very private, I should have spread it around, even though it had nothing to do, in any way, with politics.

I understand political tribal loyalty, but your attempt to minimise this scandal demeans you.

curly15 said...

Is he having some trouble composing himself today?