Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nadine Dorries MP: Two Male 'Ministers' Squeeze Her Hand

Sadly star blogger Nadine Dorries MP still hasn't managed effective permalinks but scroll down to the post that goes with this one: - titled "How the touch of your hand". Mad Nads reveals that not one but two Labour Ministers approached her with sympathy and hand squeezing:

Sitting in the Pugin Room last night with a visiting constituent, a very senior Labour Minister came over to me, took hold of my hand and said "Can I say sorry on behalf of all those of us who are decent?". He was so lovely, he almost made me cry. He told me his own particular story of when he had been the victim of the same machine and how he had dealt with it.
There is no love for Brown amongst Labour MPs. They are angry at how he has destroyed the Labour party and what he has reduced it to.
Exiting the voting lobby a little later, another Minister motioned for me to follow him around the back of the Speaker's chair.
"Watch yourself love", he said. "You are public enemy No 1. You inflicted a lot of damage on No10 and they are out for revenge. Watch out for the Sunday Mirror, don't talk to them." He then squeezed my hand and left.

Both you'll notice identified as current Ministers and as men. Could that be reliable? Or has Nadine flexed up the truth for effect? As she does. Any guesses anybody?

And does Nadine Dorries, or any Labour "minister", really see herself as inflicting damage on Number Ten? That was surely McBride, Draper and Guido? Sadly we cannot sack Guido, but has Draper still not irrevocably left the scene? You couldn't make it up.

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Anonymous said...

Margaret Beckett and Ruth Kelly? One out of four clues accurate? Be about par for the course from the Princess of Mid-Narnia.

Did you see her claiming Maguire has Toten Hosen? And she's moaning about unpublished smears? What a muppet.