Thursday, April 23, 2009

The One That Didn't Get Away: Finklestein Smears Whelan

People are easier to fool than salmon. I've never been able to cod a salmon. Or shark a trout. Flounders too are the sole of discretion and good sense. In stark contrast it's been very easy to beard a Hen in his den. So what's Danny Finklestein's point? Even though it is very hard, Charlie Whelan did charm a giant of the nominated species out of a river in Sacramento. Using something stinky and smeary as bait, a little something Andy Coulson picked up in a bin-diving expedition I believe*. Hat tip, with thanks to LOL graphics. * No I don't.

FACT STRANGER THAN FICTION: The real Whelan with a Salmon he's actually codded himself, on the Spey. Not as smart as you thought MacFish you fool.

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