Friday, April 10, 2009

Papers Back Pedal on MP-pet: Talking Leechy Through Renewal

Curiouser and curiouser. The "MP No Tax Disc Muppet" story in the Manchester Evening News - concerning John "Hospital Hoax" Leech MP driving without a valid tax disc - was taken off the front page of the paper's website yesterday afternoon. And it's now about five hours since any comments were allowed through. Meaning that the story is in danger of slipping off their "most comments" index too.

But, unlike certain other stories, ones that have been more seriously spiked from the MEN or SMR archive, for example error-ridden unchecked Christie "closure" stories, this one is still there. Catch it while you can.


1. Any fool know that - assuming you have a valid MOT Certificate and valid insurance cover - Road Tax can be organised in a couple of minutes online or by telephone. So, as the lynchpin of the Tory Lib Dem mimicsterial transport team, you're surely better informed than "any fool"?

2. This being so, why haven't you made an instant Road Tax payment instead of defaming the DVLC and the Royal Mail?


A. If you find one of those pesky reminders click right here.

B. If you cannot find the reminder(s) they sent you click here.

C. After your car's third birthday you will also need an MOT Certificate.

Thanks to the wonders of the Motor Insurance Database and the like you will not need to have all the pieces of paper in your hands at the time of renewal.

UPDATE 16:00: Still no new comments on the Leech story since before 9 AM. Seven hours/ Other stories continue to get comments.

UPDATE 22:55: they've let through another comment finally. From "Wes Brown". And yes, I did submit a comment nine hours ago ... did Leech have an MOT and/or insurance I wondered. Otherwise he'd surely have just done it online? Has Leech actually threatened the Manchester Evening News as he allegedly does to keep the SMR in check?

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