Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prezza 'Phone Coup: "Multi Polar and Seemingly Chaotic Glory"

Good to see the very excellent Blackburn Labour Blog making a better fist (geddit?) of Prezza's bountiful 'phone stats than the about-to-be-pummeled yours truly. The myth of Prescott includes that battle bus punch. It includes those sexy shenanigans. Those jags. That bouffant and that Bournemouth bluster. That croquet. Those croquettes. And them pies too. Those rollicking conference speeches. And now, taking to blogging, vlogging and 'phone banking like a natural.

Hopefully the Prez will calm down when he reads this Blackburn Labour stuff about letting go, and the light touch as opposed to the great clunking fist, and the "multi-polar and seemingly chaotic glory" that is the Labour-fiendly blogosphere. Fiendly? I mean friendly of course.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting business going on in the HoC today.

Wonder which way that ungainly lummox Rowen will be voting on MPs expenses? Particularly on this bit. What is he paid for his Corinya directorship? Will he want that revealed? I doubt it.

Second Incomes – The Motion will require Members to register full details of registrable payments received under the first three categories of registrable interests—directorships; employment, office, profession, etc; and clients. Members would be required to register the full amount of each payment and the nature of the work and the number of hours’ work that it represented. Members will also be required to register the name and address of the person or organisation making the payment unless this would constitute a breach of an existing legal or professional duty of privacy (such as a doctor disclosing information about a patient, or duties imposed by the Data Protection Act).

This requirement will apply to all payments, including those which are less than 1% of a Member’s salary and those which do not arise from or depend on the Member’s position as an MP.

Members will be required to record this information in the register of Members Interests which is regularly updated and is available for public inspection on the internet.