Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rochdale and Rowen: Beginning to Get Tedious But Needs Must

Getting a bit fed up with Rochdale to be blunt. Bear with me. Hadn't mentioned the buggers for weeks or months even and they come out and poke me with a pointy stick. How dare Hennigan and Rowen associate me and my brilliant blog with Rochdale blooming Labour Party? The swine! There'll be hell to pay for that vile smear.

Will be good to get back to national matters, and there's got to be more interesting things locally than chuffing Rowen, Smith and Hen?

A Withington story perhaps, some Manchester Tories taking money (again) from ne'er-do-wells, perhaps getting jiggy with the Hizb too? There'll be a car park farrago, Tesco profits boom, anything but Rochdale!

But needs must. Legal threats hang in the air. Have drafted an option appraisal for Paul Rowen MP. Should he: (A) Table an EDM; (B) Take the rise at PMQs; (C) Actually point out actionable material and stop crying "Wolf!"; (D) Demand Ray Collins, Labour Gen Sec, disassociate himself from Labour of Love!

We've also taken a sideways glance at just THREE of the Sir Cyril Smith stories to which Rowen presumably refers. They are the essential ingredients to our Smith coverage after all. We want the larger than lifer "on toast" before it is too late.

These are not only true but they have also been widely published in proper papers - without the faintest whiff of a writ - as well as by humble bloggers the chump Rowen now wishes to smear with vague allusions to legal action.

We say:

Retract and apologise! Labour of Love innocent! Hennigan unreliable! Ignore his advice Paul!

Off to run the attack dogs - Reddish Vale methinks - "McBride", "Draper" and now I can reveal "Hennigan". Will decide by a show of hands and paws on our return whether to publish the brilliant options appraisal in full, before or after PMQs the Budget Speech.

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